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Zinc complex for foliar application with a strong power of penetration and translocation.

Activator plant metabolism.



Zinc (zn)… 10.4 %

PH… 4-4.5

Density(20°C)… 1.42 g/cc



FRUTISOL ZN is a product rich in zinc, complexed by Gluconic Acid. It is meant for correcting nutritional lacks of this element in all kind of cultures. It can be absorbed either by leaves or by root, being crucial to improve fruit set and fruit size.

FRUTISOL ZN acts as activator in plant metabolism promoting the development of the roots, photosynthesis and gibberellic acid synthesis, while providing uniform crop ripening.


FRUTISOL ZN may be applied by fertirrigation at the dose 3-5 L/ha, or by leaves at the

Dose of 250-350 ml/100L of water sprayed. The product may be applied 2 or 4 times during the crop cycle.

The product may be applied in all culture: fruit trees, tropical, olive tree, grapes, orchareds, industrials, ornamentals…


Avoid the mixtures which contains sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid, as well as products that contains oils.


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