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contains >3 % of iron Fe EDDHA ORTHO-ORTHO.

Fepair: is manufactured with a very high technology , and it guarantees efficiency for a very long period of time in the soil.

Iron is considered as a very important element to produce chlorophyll which is

the base element in photosynthesis process in the plants.It exists naturally in the soil but in many cases it exists in a way does not allow it to be absorbed and here comes the role of Fepair, Which contains chelated iron to guarantee the absorption of iron through the roots.





Chemical composition:

-Water solouble iron 6%

-EDDHA chelated iron(Fe) >3 %

-contains >3 % of iron Fe EDDHA ORTHO-ORTHO.

Stable in the pH gap 4 to 12.



- Vegetables : Frequently every 2 weeks

- Citrus : In summer.

- Fruits : In spring.



Age of plant        


Vegetable and Ornamental    

In production

Frequent use                        

2-3 Kg/hectare

1 Kg/hectare


Fruits and Citrus                      

Newly planted

Beginning of production

Full production

Developed trees                  


4-12 gr./tree

12-20 gr./tree

24 - 40 gr./tree

40-80 gr./tree



Newly planted

In production                    

2.4 - 4 gr./tree

4 - 8 gr./tree



Per plant

Per sq meter                              

0.8 - 2.4 gr.plant

2.4 - 4 gm                




Fepair is soluble chelated iron ,helps the plants to absorb iron quickly and provides stability in soil as a permanent source of iron for a long period of time.

Could be used through drip irrigation,foliar spray or applied directly on soil.

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